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Have a Fun Day in the Snow

Join Portage Lakers Snowmobile Club

If you're looking for fellow snowmobile adventurers in the Portage Lake area, turn to us. Portage Lakers Snowmobile Club is the place to be if you want to have adventures out on snowy hills and well-maintained trails. We've built a dedicated community of fellow snowmobiling enthusiasts who are excited about hitting the Interconnected Trail System (ITS) and local trails.

Enjoy everything that our club has to offer. Check out our Events page to see when we are hosting our next fundraiser or social function.

Enjoy everything our club has to offer

In addition to snowmobiling, our club features a variety of fun activities for members and their families. Our outdoor activities include:

Ice fishing

create new family memories and learn new skills

Cross-country skiing

make the most of the winter wonderland and travel in style

Can-Am dog sled races

find out what makes sled races so much fun to watch

Wondering what makes our club special?

With over 175 members, and some coming from as far away as Australia, there's no doubt our club is special. Our snowmobile club:

  • Maintains over 50 miles of ITS trails and 30 miles of local trails
  • Has access to over 2,300 miles of beautiful snowy Northern Maine
  • Offers year-round lodging, food, gas and trail information

Find out why we're considered one of the top five snowmobiling destinations in the eastern U.S. by contacting us today.

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